Jake | Atlanta | Toccoa GA Newborn Photography

Jake is a senior and your typical guy. He wasn’t thrilled about this photo shoot but knowing it was important to his mom, he didn’t complain once. He even smiled without me asking! Somehow I usually end up photographing guys who aren’t big on smiles, they just stare at me and say something like “This is as close to a smile as you’re going to get” I am so happy Jake was willing to smile because as nice as his serious face is, he has a beautiful smile!! (I know guys don’t think they can be beautiful, but I’m sure his mom will agree with me on this one) Also, this session had been rescheduled multiple times due to bad weather, our first attempt was back in October, the morning of our session was a gorgeous day and I am glad we finally worked it out! Jake will be heading off to boot camp next month and I wish him the best of luck!